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Need Help for an Interacting Learning for Your Students? Read This

These days, more and more teachers, as well as parents, are getting serious about the teaching method and its effectiveness. Just teaching what is there in the book is not enough to make them learn practically, you need to put more effort when it comes to the initial learning of every subject. Most of the students often lose interest during classes as the teaching method gets boring and they cannot focus. Try to make it fun and interactive so that your students find interesting what you are saying. Talking about interactive learning, many classroom activities are available to help you engage your students such as alteration activities, capitalization activities, science charts, pre-school learning activities and conjunction words activities etc.

Conjunction activities are a fun way to teach the proper usage of all the conjunction, and it also improves the language of kids. If you are a teacher looking for an engaging lesson plan on how to teach conjunctions, then you have come to the right place. Play games, sing out loud and make sure that your students enjoy the activity and take part in all of them. The concept is simple to choose any of the activities given below and perform in your classroom with the kids to make them learn in the most entertaining manner.

1) Coordinating Conjunctions-

As the name refers, coordinating conjunctions means joining in the phrase to phrase, and word to word concussion tasks, given in the sentence making chart. The sentences are made using the most common conjunction such as but, and, or and more. The teacher has to direct, and students need to coordinate with the teacher.

2) St. Patrick's Day Fun Facts on Cards-

This includes comprehension and languages, which can improve conditions, nouns, verbs, prepositions and more. You just need to play classroom games with the kids and involve them in the question answers to help them learn the language.

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