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Develop Your Child’s Ability to Recognize Compound Words in Interesting Ways

What do a cupcake, playground and a mailbox have in common? Nothing, actually they are few compound words which are easy to learn if you consider them as two small words combined with each other to form a new meaningful word. But compound words can create confusion for most of the beginning spellers and readers. There are many ideas available on the internet that supports families and educators to teach compound words to their young students and one of the best ways is compound word worksheet exercises

With the help of activities and interesting games, early readers make inferences and figure out the meaning of individual word by just making them break apart. Teaching in the fun way through compound word worksheet for kids will encourage them to take more interest towards learning compound words. They will be surprised that how easy they are to learn and use. Teaching in the fun way help you encourage beginners to take more interest towards learning compound words. They will be surprised that how easy they are to learn and use.

The ideas that would be helpful to teach compound words are enlisted below:

  • Flash Cards: Flash cards or picture cards are one of the best ideas to teach about compound words to young kids or those who have just started their schooling. In the flash cards, one card has an image of any specific compound word while another one has images of the two words that create a compound word. This can be teaching to students by creating small groups in the classroom.

  • Riddles and Puzzles: Spell out compound words can be difficult than read them. Riddles and puzzles can make the task easier for students as well as for educators. This can strengthen your kid's visual memory and improves their vocabulary while reading or spelling words.

  • Task Cards: The task cards package are available with around 24 task cards and recording sheet. Students can proceed for each task one after another and record their response accordingly. The questions available on task cards are based on rhyming, writing sentences, ABC order, plurals and so on.

If you are a teacher and you have not taught compound words in the fun way, then using these ideas you can develop great ability to recognize compound words in your students. TeacherSherp.com is a leading source from where you can download a vast array of interesting study material for compound words. Also, you can find quality study materials for fractions, geometry, mathematics, science and many more complex subjects. You can download all the stuffs students belong to the class in between PK and 5th.

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