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September 2017
text: Know How Crossword Puzzles Can Sharpen the Mind of Your Child
Experts and researchers are all in the agreement that solving crossword puzzles and word games are very beneficial in develop...
September 2017
text: Develop Your Child’s Ability to Recognize Compound Words in Interesting Ways
What do a cupcake, playground and a mailbox have in common? Nothing, actually they are few compound words which are easy to l...
September 2017
text: Need Help for an Interacting Learning for Your Students? Read This
These days, more and more teachers, as well as parents, are getting serious about the teaching method and its effectiveness. ...
September 2017
text: The Best Compound Word Activities for Your Kids
Is your kid bored of the same compound words which are mentioned in his course book? Then he needs some good change in his le...
August 2017
text: Incorporate Fun in Learning Methods of Kids through Christmas Theme Activities
The idea of incorporating learning activities in teaching methods of kids can provide effective results. Boring and dull clas...
August 2017
text: What are Capitalization Activities for Enhanced Classroom Learning?
If you are a teacher or a parent, you have heard your children asking questions like “when will I use this subject in the rea...
August 2017
text: Top 3 Calendar and Calendar Card Sheets You Should Check Out
It’s a calendar! It’s a card! It’s awesome. As a parent, you always try to engross your kid in some fun and creative activiti...
August 2017
text: Make Your Children Learn to Create Bookmarks through Bookmark Activities
Bookmarks have been one of the most important inventions of the human civilization. Paper, silver, brass, wood, silk, cloth o...
August 2017
text: How Back to School Activities are Beneficial For Child Development
Every child is born with his own unique learning style and temperament that creates a significant impact on his performance. ...
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